Metanza Metallurgical Laboratories was established in March 2016 to assist clients to develop optimal mineral processing solutions and to optimise existing plants. Metanza offers a range of minerals processing technologies that should reduce risk and optimise operations. The Metanza Group uses the results from these and other laboratory and pilot plant facilities to develop process flowsheets for plant optimisation, feasibility studies and plant design.

Service Delivery Commitment

Metanza stands apart from its competitors by providing differentiated test work services that deliver innovative solutions to mineral processing challenges. The Metanza laboratory combines extensive mineral processing expertise with a firm commitment to quality service through:

  • accuracy,
  • repeatability,
  • reliability and,
  • technical excellence.

Focus on Unlocking Client Value

Metanza follows a geo-metallurgical approach to minerals processing test work using first-principles to understand the ore characteristics before developing the minerals processing solution. Metanza uses these results to provide process design and plant optimisation solutions that unlocks substantial value for the client.

Extensive Strategic Management

All aspects of the laboratory are supervised by experienced process engineers who ensure that the test work meets a clients unique requirements, provides a high level of strategic design in selecting process parameters, and delivers a meaningful set of data that will best position the upscaling of the process to deliver effectively.

A Vision for Innovation 

The new laboratory aims to provide differentiated test work services that form  the foundation for developing leading edge engineering solutions. Metanza’s vision for  innovation ensures that clients are best positioned to benefit from opportunities to respond to new technology, maximise market growth, create operating  efficiencies and increase profitability.

The Metanza Group has expertise in the processing and recovery of a variety of ores and minerals including:

  • PGM processing  milling (and fine milling) and/or flotation for UG2, Merensky Platreef and chromite plant tailings;
  • Gold recovery  recovery of alluvial gold using a variety of gravity separation techniques viz.jigs, shaking tables, multigravity concentrators etc;
  • Chrome concentrate production using DMS, Rados Sorting, the Metanza Jig for the <30mmsize fraction and/or spirals;
  • Iron concentrate production using DMS,  the Metanza Jig and/or spirals;
  • Manganese production using the Rados Sorter, the Metanza Jig and/or DMS. The Rados Sorter is especially efficient at upgrading the ore and removing particles with a high iron content;
  • Copper oxide or sulphide  milling and flotation;
  • Lead sulphide  milling and flotation and gravity separation;
  • Zinc sulphide  milling and flotation and gravity separation;
  • Nickel sulphide  milling and flotation and gravity separation;
  • Sand processing for glass manufacturing   using combinations of attritioners, elutriators, magnetic separation and sometime leaching;
  • Sand processing for proppants in conjunction with an international laboratory;
  • Andalusite recovery using dense medium separation;
  • Graphite recovery using multistaged milling and flotation;
  • Diamond recovery into a heavy mineral concentrate using the Metanza Jig;
  • Recovery of ferrometals such as FeCr, FeMn, FeV, etc from slag using the Metanza jigs, spirals and/or magnetic separation;
  • Cassiterite / tin recovery using combinations of the Metanza jig and spirals;
  • Tantalite recovery using combinations of the Metanza jig and spirals; and/or
  • Coltan recovery using combinations of the Metanza jig and spirals.