Ore Sorting

RADOS XRF technology measures the metal content of ore directly and makes sorting decisions against customer and mine-specific sort criteria. RADOS XRF technology is a proven technology that has been in successful and continuous operation sorting over 20 different commodities at over 50 operational sites, many for almost 20 years.


  • It applies to more than 70 potential elements including the majority of the valuable metals such as gold, uranium and PGMs often using a matrix of metals to efficiently separate high and low-grade particles.
  • The Rados XRF Sorter is easy to maintain due to the modular design of all major components and a service exchange arrangement ensures processing efficiency and reduces maintenance costs.
  • The RADOS XRF equipment is robust and is able to operate in extreme climatic conditions.
  • Importantly, the RADOS XRF sorters are considered a green technology as they use little or no water, require no compressed air and consume very low levels of electricity.

Metanza’s new generation RADOS XRF sorter concentrates ore particles larger than 30mm and up to300mm over a wide range of ore types, specifically:

  • Precious metal ores, e.g. gold and PGM;
  • Precious mineral ores e.g. kimberlite;
  • Base metal ores, e.g. copper, nickel, cobalt, lead and zinc;
  • Ferrous metal ores, e.g. iron, manganese and chrome;
  • Rare earths e.g. scandium, yttrium, neodymium and cerium;
  • Industrial minerals, e.g. uranium, wollastonite, tungsten and tin.

Rados XRF Sorter