Metanza provides services designed for mineral processing facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Initially premised on outsourced plant operations and maintenance, the company has expanded their offering to include a complete range of services that complement each other and are all supported by a commitment to innovation.

Typical services that Metanza provide

Metanza provides services that offer:

  • Dedicated technical support
  • Fast solutions to projects with short life spans
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Commitment to ensure process efficiency
  • Trust-based relationships
  • Flexible operations and maintenance contracts
  • Compliance with all legal requirements
  • Willingness to adopt an owner mindset to improve clients operations
  • A strong team with a commitment to delivering value

Metanza offers specialist services in the following industries:

  • Mineral process plant operations and maintenance
  • Reprocessing of tailings
  • Recovery of metal from slag dumps
  • Upgrading of low grade ROM and discard dumps.

Our Service Delivery Commitment

Metanza undertakes to carry out regular quality and/or efficiency tests to ensure the quality and consistency in performance and to provide clients with comfort that services are delivered with their best interest as Metanza’s primary objective.

The management team has a proven track record in the following commodities:

  • PGM
  • Coal
  • Ferrous metals including iron, chromite and manganese
  • Base Metals
  • Gold, and
  • Diamonds

Why Metanza?

Metanza provides outsourced operations and maintenance services to the mineral processing industry that allows partners to create their own small – and focused – internal labour force. In addition to the access to expertise that Metanza provides, the team is able to deliver on short turnaround times driving speed to market as well as being willing to operate plants with a short life span.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing services make allowance for organisational flexibility to implement and manage change while providing access to best practices, specialist expertise and high-level technical support that creates the potential for improvements in quality, consistency and reliability of operations.