Metanza Jigs

New Generation Design For A Mature Technology

The Metanza Jigs are new generation designs for a mature, jigging technology. The leading-edge design supports a more effective recovery process and, ultimately, produces a superior concentrate while consistently delivering on lower capital and operational costs with minimum environmental impact.

Metanza Materials Handling designs and supplies new generation density separation solutions that offers the mineral processing industry a progressive approach to a technology that has been used for decades. On offer are a range of PLC-controlled jigs that deliver on low costs, a more effective recovery process, and a higher product yield. These improvements are made possible with the innovative pulse action and a unique product-gate design of the jigging equipment. This is complemented by a host of metallurgical engineering services that include research and development, test-work programs, plant and process design, project financing, commissioning, outsourced operations and maintenance services, and after sales support.

Metanza Jigs can be used to treat the following commodities with opportunities for treating new commodities being explored continuously:

• Coal
• Minerals – gold, iron, manganese, chrome, tin, tantalum, tungsten and colton
• Slags– ferrometals
• Diamonds

Metanza Jigs Overview

Low capital costs

Each Metanza Jig is fabricated in South Africa and the compact design and application of efficient individual components keeps the capital costs to a minimum. In addition, the option for clients to self-source the required ancillary equipment allows them to standardise their on-site equipment and to utilise any commercial benefits available.

Low operational costs

The innovative design of Metanza jigs has few wearing parts and requires limited operating staff. Together with the low electricity usage and recycling of water, this contributes to easily managed equipment and low operating costs.

Low electricity costs

Metanza jigs use considerably less energy than other mineral processing technologies like dense media and gravity separation.

Low environmental costs

Water is recycled in the jig’s closed-circuit water treatment system keeping the overall water consumption to an absolute minimum. No chemicals are used in the jigging process unless a slimes removal circuit is incorporated into the overall plant design.


PLC pulse-action control

A fully configurable control system with a high processing speed and robust construction that can easily be programmed enables an automated jigging process and a logical manipulation of output to produce high grade concentrate. The PLC pulse-action control allows the timing of the jig pulse to be optimised per project and per ore type to provide maximum recovery of required concentrate grades.

PLC density control

The PLC density control automatically adjusts to a non-uniform, feed material density by varying the yield according to the grade of concentrate, and this real time reaction to these variations in feed material results in a superior quality of concentrate. For coarse adjustment of the jig cut-point, the jig density control mechanism is calibrated manually during commissioning and precise adjustments are made automatically using the PLC.

Unique Product Gate Design

The product gates of all Metanza Jigs are adjustable and are set up during commissioning based on the feed material particle size distribution. The jig is supplied as either a 1~ or 2-gate unit, depending on client specifications, producing one or two concentrate products as well as a discard stream.

Quality Assurance

Test work programmes are a useful exercise in accurately forecasting separation results and reducing technical risk on condition that the laboratory jig in use replicates the operation of the full scale unit of jigging equipment. The laboratory jig accurately demonstrates the same operational process with the same design of pulse action and unique product-gate design that makes the full scale jig so successful.

To guarantee separation results in an operating jig plant, a pneumatically-pulsed laboratory jig is available to clients for test work programmes. The laboratory jig can handle approximately 50 kg samples per test and the Metanza Laboratory can prepare samples of up to 1 t in size for variability testing. The laboratory also has a 30 t/hr Metanza Bellows jig capable of treating bulk samples for more detailed test work programmes.

All aspects of the test work are supervised by experienced process engineers who ensure that the process meets a client’s specific requirements, provides a high level of strategic design in selecting process plant parameters, and delivers a meaningful set of data that will best position the up scaling of the process to deliver effectively.


Each Metanza Jig is manufactured in South Africa and have a compact design to allow for easy transport to remote locations. The supply of a jig and associated metallurgical engineering services are followed by comprehensive after sales support by a team of capable process engineers committed to ensuring project efficiencies and yields are achieved throughout the project life.